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La DP 66 è attualmente la squadra campione d'Italia Ciclocross

Giro d’Italia Ciclocross prepares the international stage of Jesolo

Here we are! Here we are in the heart of the crucial week for the eleventh edition of the Giro d’Italia Cyclocross, the eight days of the northern triptych. It started last Sunday in Cantoira, in the Western Alps, he moved to the east, on the shores of the Adriatic, in the home of the world champion Daniele Pontoni. The cyclist convoy of the Giro d ‘Italia Ciclocross is in fact already present at the Marzotto Village at Jesolo, in the area that belonged to the Serenissima Republic of Venice, where the route for the fourth stage is being prepared. The “Grand Prix City of Jesolo – International Cyclocross” will be held entirely within the perimeter of the tourist village on Friday 1 November, with the organization of the DP 66 GIANT SMP and the collaboration and direction of ASD Romano Scotti under the aegis of the Cycling Federation Italian and the UCI.

In addition to having the logistics concentrated in one place, Jesolo track will in fact have a double peculiarity: not only will it be the only midweek appointment (Sunday 3 will be held in Buja-Osoppo) but it is also the only international stop for the edition number 11 of the Giro d’Italia Cyclocross, a race classified by the UCI as a C2 class, very useful for accumulating a haul of points for the upcoming continental specialty shows.

An important challenge for the team of Daniele Pontoni (DP 66 are none other than the initials of the name and the year of birth of one of the greatest Italian cross-racers of all time), «A further organizational element given by the internationality of the event with the inclusion of the Giro d’Italia stage Cyclocross – explains the two-time world champion – that we consider of great prestige both for the society and for the territory and the City of Jesolo, especially if seen under the lens of sport and tourism». Giro d’Italia Ciclocross is not the first of the organizational challenges of the DP 66 GIANT SMP, which in its palmares presents the 2016 Cyclocross championships at Monte Prat and other important races. A solid bond of historic friendship with the Scotti family and the whole ASD Romano Scotti then opened the doors of the Giro d’Italia of Cyclocross. With a similar mix of experience and sharing of innovative ideas on the cross there is nothing to do but hold on tight, the fun is about to begin.

THE SAND IS MAIN CHARACTER – The course, designed entirely in the perimeter of the Villaggio al Mare Marzotto, which houses all the logistics of the race on the cast of winning models experimented in recent years, is particularly technical, with a straight start and finish in pavé, parts with curves on grass and gravel and a long, long-awaited stretch in the beach’s shore with artificial sand dune crossings, the same, renowned shoreline on which up to two days ago numerous tourists ventured an autumn dive.

Il percorso di Jesolo con un lungo tratto sulla sabbia

Jesolo official track 

THE COMPETITION OFFICIAL SCHEDULE – Since this is an international race, one more race is included in the race program: the open women will race separately from the junior men, so Friday 1 November will go on with this line-up:

  • 9.00 am – promotional race for 12 y.o. boys and girls “G6” (20’)
  • 9.30 am – Master race M/W (40’)
  • 10.30 am – Debutants 13-14 y.o. M/W (30’)
  • 11.15 am – Cadets 15-16 y.o. (30’)
  • 12.00 am – “Giovanissimi” short track on a dedicated track (from 7 to 11 y.o.)
  • 12.30 am – Official track test for international UCI categories
  • 13.00 am – Men Junior 17-18 y.o. (40’)
  • 14.00 am – Women Open over 17 y.o. (40’)
  • 15.00 am – Men Open over 19 y.o. (60’)


  • Place of development: Villaggio al Mare MARZOTTO -Viale Oriente – Lido di Jesolo
  • Type of soil: mixed sand-meadow-gravel-porphyry
  • Estimated altitude: flat, with a sand dune climbing over the sandy shore
  • Expected length: 2400 m
  • Additional services provided: bar-restaurant, accommodation on the course with use up to competitions completed for showers
  • To visit nearby: Venice

THE GIC IN RAI AND BIKE CHANNEL – The Cantoira stage of the Giro d’Italia will be broadcast on Rai Sport (channel 58 of the DTV) Thursday, October 31 starting at 22:30. On Bike Channel, channel 214 of the Sky Platform, the schedule includes the youth competitions of Cantoira with the following schedule: October 30th at 9.15pm, October 31st at 9.15am, November 1st at 3.15am / 3.15pm, November 4th 6:00 pm, November 5th 6:00 am, November 6th 00: 00/12: 00. The international categories will be broadcast on the other hand with the following program: November 1st at 9.15 pm, November 2nd at 9.15 am, November 3rd at 03: 15/15: 15, November 5th at 6.00 pm, November 6 at 06:00 am, 7 November, 00: 00/12: 00.

Logo del villaggio al Mare Marzotto

CAMPER AREA – The entrance to the Village will be allowed for the Jesolo stage only for those who stay in the facilities of the Villaggio al Mare Marzotto. The other cars and vans will park in the areas indicated in front of the Village. All registered teams will have plenty of space (for which you do not need to book) for gazebos only. It mends that in the municipal area of Jesolo there is a ban on camping for campers in public car parks – so watch out for high fines – therefore the ASD DP 66 Giant SMP has arranged for special prices in the Doges campsite. In the internal team area will be granted entry only to vans, motor homes of 20 UCI teams, considering the rank of the race.

ACCREDITATION AREA – The accreditation for the box area (REQUIRED) must be requested on the appropriate section of the official website (https://www.ciclocrossroma.it/squadre/) no later than 11:59 pm on Wednesday 29 October. Press accreditations and photographers are also available. Accreditations will be given at the press conference on Thursday 31 October at the Villaggio al Mare Marzotto.

HOTEL AGREEMENTS – Hotel agreements for the Jesolo stage are available on the ASD website Romano Scotti, consider that they are all located in the Villaggio al Mare Marzotto, the venue for the logistics of the race. For campers a special agreement has been set up at the Dogi campsite, near the course. On the site are also already available the agreements for the stage of Buja-Osoppo, scheduled for Sunday 3 November in the province of Udine (for which it is also possible to stay at the Marzotto, with a special agreement).

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